Kooloora Preschool, Toukley

The educators set up a pretend car in their Gunyah (Aboriginal word for a shelter or hut) as an intentional teaching strategy to begin discussions around safe travel. Children were actively engaged in their learning as they role played buckling up safely before going on their adventures.

The preschool’s outdoor yarning circle is regularly used to share stories and talk with children about ways they keep safe as pedestrians, passengers and when riding their bikes. A storytelling dice, road safety resources and other props are used to encourage children in their story telling about their own safe journeys.

During walking excursions, educators and supervising adults talk with children about all the things they are doing to keep safe and hold each child’s hand during these fun and engaging outings. Educators aim for a 1:2 adult to child ratio on all excursions by inviting families to come along. This gives educators the chance to share the Key Road Safety Messages with many of the adults in the children’s lives and creates more opportunities for valuable road safety conversations along the way.

Thank you to the amazing educators, children and families from Kooloora Preschool for allowing us to share your story.