Goodstart Early Learning, Blue Haven

Educators set up a road safety display to engage families in conversations around travelling safely and challenges they have. With this information educators addresses specific road safety concerns through the centre’s policies and procedures, information and resources for families and by programming relevant experiences for children.

The centre carpark was identified as an area of concern, with young children being difficult for drivers to see and unaware of the dangers of moving vehicles. Taking photos of adults and children holding hands at departure times gave educators the perfect chance to remind adults to hold their child’s hand just as they were heading out to the carpark. These photos were used to make their own road safety storybooks and posters.

To extend discussion about keeping children safe when out and about as a way of promoting the centre’s ongoing commitment to child road safety, they hosted a Kids and Traffic workshop. This workshop brought educators and families together to talk about road safety concerns and work together to refine strategies for improving safety. It was agreed that more visual reminders of safe practices would be helpful, so educators developed safe arrival and departure posters using photos of children and families from the service.

Thank you to the amazing educators, children and families from Goodstart Early Learning Blue Haven for allowing us to share your story.